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The Upick Process

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Call or Visit our website

Our friendly customer service representatives will assist you with questions, and bookings. You can also visit our website where we have a FAQ section, discount codes, and online booking



Schedule your appointment


We come to you

Once you're ready to schedule whether it's with one of the Upick customer service reps or if your doing it online, you have the option to pick the date, the time, and the place of where your oil change happens. You also process the payment at the time of scheduling. This ensures that your appointment goes as smooth as possible. After you've completed scheduling, you'll receive confirmation via email or text.

You read it right. We come to you. Once the technician arrives, they will send you a text to let you know that they have arrive and are about to start on the oil change. If you want you are more than welcome to meet the technician. They all are friendly and they don't have the intimidating "shop mechanic" look. The technician will service your oil change and then they will send you a text to let you know they are finished. Once the service is completed and the technician is gone, you will receive a survey to give feed back on your experience with Upick.


Receive text updates

On the day of your appointment, once our technician is on the way you'll receive a text message with an eta of when the technician will arrive. It's usually at least 15 minutes before they arrive. This allows you enough time to pop your hood and put on your emergency brake. 

Customer Service



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