3 Cars that look like luxury cars!

Having luxuries is everyones dreams. A nice house, a nice car, and pretty nice bank account is the "American Dream". Back in the day, having a Mercedes Benz or a BMW was a sign of wealth. Well with modern technology and advanced design techniques, there are other vehicle makes that have luxury and sometimes even exotic looks. Let's kill the myth that everyone who drives a new Mercedes or BMW is wealthy. It's not true! There are some entry level Mercedes and BMW's that you can buy for around $30,000. There's even some used 2014-2016 Maserati's that you can buy for $30,000 OR SOMETIMES EVEN LESS! Don't let the vehicle badges fool you. Some of the cars on this list can cost more than those entry level luxury cars. Now that we've killed that myth, let's talk about 3 vehicles that are really nice but aren't considered luxury vehicles.

Don't let the vehicle badges fool you.


1. Kia Stinger Premium-Starting at $36,090


There was a time when Kia's vehicles were your regular point A to B vehicle, but it's a new day! The Kia Stinger changes the game for Kia. The exterior look is very sleek, but sporty. The body of the vehicle has an intentional areodynamic shape. The vehicle practically is made to drive at speed with comfort. The body lines on the doors and rear bumper give it a sporty look. It resembles the body lines on the Porsche Panamera. The interior gives a mixture of Audi and Mercedes Benz. The display screen fits well on top of the dash. The vehicle also can come with heads up display. This vehicle gives you the luxury look and luxury feel with sporty features.

2. Hyundai Sonata Limited-Starting at $33,950


Who would have ever thought that Hyundai would have a vehicle that looks like this! Hyundai has went from being the economical vehicle to a luxury style economical vehicle. Here's the thing, the Sonata previously had a decent exterior look. However, the updated look is not just a facelift, but it's a full makeover. The massive grille, the head lamps that extend between the hood and fender, and the smooth body line that goes from the fender to the rear quarter panel all make this vehicle unique. The interior is nothing but luxury. Hyundai started the the color contrast between browns and black in the interior with the earlier models of the Genesis. They simply just brought that design over to the Sonata. It's very fitting and appropriate for a vehicle that looks like this. The screen looks amazing fitted directly in the dash. This vehicle can come with AppleCar play. It's a mixture of luxury comfort, and economic class.

However, the updated look is not just a facelift, but it's a full makeover.

3. Genesis G80-Starting at $47,700


We know that you are probably thinking "Isn't this vehicle considered a luxury vehicle?" It's considered a "Hyundai luxury vehicle" It hasn't been accepted into the full luxury category. We believe that it's on it's way though. Genesis branched off from Hyundai and is creating their own identity. This vehicle speaks for it's self when you see it driving down the road. It's a vehicle that you have to do a double take on. The smooth sides on the vehicle, the unique head lamps and that bold grille makes this vehicle one of a kind. If you are looking for luxury, class, comfort, and style wrapped into one vehicle...this is the vehicle for you. The interior is just as luxurious as the exterior. The steer wheel resembles the steering wheel in the S-Class. The enormous display screen sits satisfyingly on top of the dashboard. The mixture of wood trim and leather gives the interior a modern look. This car will be a flagship in a few years.

It's a vehicle that you have to do a double take on.

The Conclusion

The phrase "luxury car" is totally different in todays time. We still believe that Mercedes Benz, Audi, and BMW are your most common luxury cars, but we also believe that there is a new realm of vehicles that will enter the luxury car category. The vehicle that's closest is the Genesis G80. The grand question is if you had $50,000 would you still by one of the most common luxury cars or would you buy an up and coming luxury vehicle? Before you make a decision, test drive each vehicle and see if they fit your driving life style.

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