The summer is here and it's hot! No, we aren't kidding...it's really hot in Texas. The crazy part is the summer just started. We didn't get any type of buffer weather to get us prepared for the heat. We just woke up one day and boom, it's 88 degrees at 8 o'clock in the morning. With this temperature change, your vehicle will need to go through some regular maintenance. Especially if you plan to travel this summer. We are going to talk about 3 tips to make sure your vehicle is summer ready. One myth we want to kill is that your vehicle automatically will adjust to the weather that it's in. This has some truth to it. For example, when we go from temperatures of 40 and 50 degrees to 80-90 degrees, your vehicle already knows not to over heat as long as you have enough coolant. However, your tire's don't get any better with the weather change. As a matter of fact, they actually get worse. So your vehicle does not complete adjust to the weather. Now that we've killed that myth let's jump into the 3 tips

We just woke up one day and boom, it's 88 degrees at 8 o'clock in the morning.

Tip 1: Check your tire thread

We get it. We are all so used to just hooping in our cars and driving off without doing a vehicle pre-check. Just think about having to check your lights, tires, and coolant level before you go anywhere. It can seem like a big inconvenience. But, we do recommend before you go on with your summer plans you actually check your tires. Check to see if they are wore, if they have too much air in them or if they are ok. Check out the illustrations below to see what each one will look like.

The tire to the left clearly needs to be replaced. You shouldn't see wires in your tires. In addition, your tire shouldn't be smooth. It should have grooves and thread depth. If your tire is like the one on the left you definitely want to get that replaced ASAP. You don't want to be in the middle of your road trip to the mountains in Colorado and this tire blows in the middle of no where when you don't have service. It won't be a good day.

The tire in the middle has too much air in it. It's an easy fix as long as you haven't been driving with it like this for a long time. Just simply let some of the air out and you should be good. Refer to your vehicle's manufacturing Manuel for the right psi(amount of air) for the tire.

The tire on the right is how you want your tires to look. It has thread depth, it's not bald, and its not over inflated. This is what you want. If this tire blows that means you ran over something. There's a mobile tire company called Zohr. They literally can change your tires anywhere. Here's their link to their website for booking:

Zohr Mobile Tire Shop (214) 972-3291



Tip 2: Check your brake pads

You don't want to be driving 70 mph and your brakes stop working. This will also result in a very bad day. You definitely want to check your brake pads before you take off on your summer adventures. The grand question is "How in the world do I check my brake pads?" Honestly, it can be quiet simple as long as you can see them. New or good brake pads are usually pretty thick. Older brake pads will be a lot thinner. Take a look at the photos below to see the difference in a good and bad brake pad.

The brake pad on the left is the pad that's worn and needs to be replaced. It still have some life to it, but you surely want to replace it before you hit the road. The pad on the right is how you want your pads to be or at least close to it. There's a big difference in how thick they are! We understand that everyone isn't car savvy. Our friends at Brakes To Go will come out and inspect your brakes and give a quote on how much it will cost to have yours replaced. They have great prices and they are great people! Here's their contact information to get your quote and get our vehicle ready for traveling:

Brakes To Go (214) 307-9293



Tip 3: Check your fluids

When you hear someone talking about vehicle fluids, a lot people tend to get a little nervous because it seems complicated. It's not as complicated as you may think. It's good to check all fluids, but some people just aren't going to be able to check all fluids. Here are a few fluids that we recommend you check and reasons why. You want to check your oil, your coolant and your freon.

You want to check your oil to make sure you don't have too much or not enough oil in the engine. Both of these cases can cause damage to your engine. Once your engine is damaged, that's it. You can count on a pretty hefty repair bill. To check your oil levels, simply look at your dip stick. Check out the photo below to see how to read your dip stick.

Your coolant is another fluid that helps your engine. Coolant keeps everything at a regulated temperature. Without coolant, your engine is going to overheat and cause some serious problems like a blown engine. Putting coolant in your vehicle is extremely simple. Take a look at the coolant tank below and it shows you where your coolant level should be:

Running out of freon in the summer time causes headaches, anger, and stress. Once you run out of freon that's it for the cold air. Freon keeps your air cool. You don't want to be driving from Texas to Florida and the air goes out. Checking the freon is easy. You can grab a can of freon from AutoZone and they usually have a gauge on it that shows you how much you need to put in or take out so that it doesn't freeze over. Check out the photo below that shows exactly what we are referring to:

Running out of freon in the summer time causes headaches, anger, and stress.

Once you check these fluids, you should be ok. Now of course we have to let you know that Upick can help you with your oil change! We make it quick and easy. Here's how you can book with us:

Upick Mobile Oil (866) 955-1181


The Conclusion

Now let us make this disclaimer. We are in no way saying that if you do all of these things you won't run into ANY problems with your vehicle during the summer time. There are a ton of other small things that could go wrong. In addition, if you haven't been taking care of your vehicle all year, anything is subject to go wrong. These tips can help prevent you from being stuck on the side of the road this summer. We hope that you have a great summer and stay safe!

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