The Importance of an oil change

Going to get an oil change can be intimidating for some people. For others, it can be a serious headache. We all can agree that no one actually likes going to get it done. But whether we want to get it done or not, it has to be done. Lets talk about the importance of an oil change. Here's 3 reasons why getting an oil change is important.

1. Keeps your vehicle going

Getting an oil change is just like when we go to the doctor for our annual check up. The difference of course is that when we go for our check ups, they don't empty our main fluids and put new fluids in. Not changing your oil allows dirt to build up and could possible cause engine failure. Engine failure is a problem that you don't want because you would either have to replace the engine or buy another car. Either way it goes, both options are expensive. It's way cheaper to get your oil changed than to replace a car. Changing your oil and changing it on time will keep your vehicle going for years. Now there are other things that could go wrong with your vehicle, but lets just focus on the "oil" aspect of it.

"It's way cheaper to get your oil change than to replace a car."

2. Keeps the inside of the engine clean.

Just imagine if you went 5 months without taking a shower. You probably would smell worst than roadkill. You would be pretty dirty right? This is the same thing that happens to your engine. Over time your engine oil becomes dirty because of metal and dirt partials that make their way into your engine. Upick Mobile oil believes that with every oil change, the filter should be changed as well. Some other shops disagree and believe that you should only change the filter every 10,000 miles. The oil filter plays a big part in keeping your oil clean. It's just like if you were to take a bath, but put on dirty clothes right after. That wouldn't make sense right? The oil filters purpose is to filter out dirt and allow clean oil to travel through the engine. If you don't change the filter when you change the oil, all your doing is "giving your engine a bath, but putting on it's old dirt clothes" Here's the thing. The filter will not stop 100% of dirt and metal particals from traveling with the oil into the engine. So the older the filter means the more dirt it has collected. If a filter has too much dirt then it won't be able to filter out the correct amount of dirt so that your engine does become damaged. This is why the filter should be replaced. A clean engine on the inside creates a long life for the vehicle.

"It's just like if you were to take a bath, but put on dirty clothes right after."

3. Helps with gas mileage

Consistence produces results. Study has show that the more you do something, the better you will be at it. Let's just say you were a piano player. You don't become a good piano player by just practicing once a year. You have to practice multiple times a week. Sometimes hours a day. This same principle applies to getting your oil changed. Regular oil changes will help your engine run more effectively and efficiently. This means that your engine won't need as much support from gas to run because it has the proper lubrication. Having lower gas mileage means that you save more money on gas. Gas prices are not $.97 anymore. So saving on gas is a big deal.

"Regular oil changes will help your engine run more effectively and efficiently."

The main take away today is that you should get your oil changed regularly and on time. Just remember, your $60 oil change is cheaper than a $6,000 engine or a $30,000 car. Upick Mobile Oil was created because we know that people don't like going to a shop to get their oil changed. We know that people don't like getting their oil changed period. It's another bill that no one likes to pay. That's why we try to make our oil change process as simple as possible. You pick the time, the place and we are there. We always have deals going on. Check us out! Here's a code just for reading our first blog "UBlog1" It'll save you $10 off your next oil change with us. The code is good until 05/19/2021. Remember, it's all about your time, your place, and your convenience.

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