What brand of oil should I use for my vehicle?

There's a lot of fuss about which oil brand is the best. Some people say Mobil1, others say Pennzoil, but who's really right? We've even heard some people say that "oil is just oil" Well, we don't agree with that, but we will say that our conclusion will shock you. One myth that we would like to kill is that Mobil1 oil is the best oil for all vehicles. We don't disagree that Mobil1 is a great oil, however, to say that it's the best oil for all vehicles would be stretching the truth just a tad. We get it though, Mobil1 has a great reputation, but so does Pennzoil. STP produces good quality filters, so why wouldn't they produce good quality oil. Let's jump right in and get this needed discussion going.


The big question of the day is which brand of oil should I use for my vehicle. The short answer is "It depends on who you're talking to." Everyone is going to have their own opinion on what they think you should use. For example, if you talk to a Mercedes Benz owner, dealer, or service provider they will tell you Mobil1 is the best. As a matter of fact, they even put a Mobil1 sticker under the hood of their vehicles.

If you talk to a BMW owner, dealer, or service provider, they will tell you Castrol is the best. These manufactures have oils that they recommend, but just because it's recommended doesn't mean it's required! Please keep that in mind. However, they don't recommend these brands for no reason. Some of the reasons that they recommend a certain brand is because they may have a deal with the brand or their engine may require certain additives that the brand offers. It just depends.

....just because it's recommended doesn't mean it's required!

Most people have heard of or know about Mobile1 and Pennzoil, but there's a lot of people that didn't know that STP offers motor oil. There are a ton of companies that offer motor oil. To name a few, Walmart (Supertech), Amazon (Amazonbasics), and Buckley. Here's the thing, 9 times out of 10, if the oil is on the public market, it has passed certain regulations and is safe to put in "a" engine. We pinpoint the word "a" because we believe that every oil brand can't be put in any engine. You wouldn't see a brand new Chevy Silverado owner putting Supertech in their engine. Unless you went to a Walmart service center and requested it. You'll see them using Pennzoil, Mobil1, Valvoline or either STP. Not to many people willingly pick up Castrol. Castrol is a common, but not popular brand.

Is there anything wrong with using Supertech? Well, we wouldn't say that should be your first choice, but it's better than going without an oil change. Each brand is going to provide additives that help with protecting your engine. When you go get your oil changed at a lube shop, unless you tell them or ask for a specific brand, they are putting in what they call a "house brand" You probably never noticed because you just wanted to get your oil changed so you could go on with your day. This proves the point that a brand doesn't necessarily matter unless you're driving something exotic.

This proves the point that a brand doesn't necessarily matter unless you're driving something exotic.


So what can we say about oil brands? IT DEPENDS ON WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO. Here's the thing people, 1st thing-don't go broke trying to put the most expensive oil in your car. 2nd, make sure you're putting the correct viscosity (5w20, 0w20 etc) in your vehicle. This matters more than which brand you use. If your vehicle takes 0w20, then put in 0w20. There are some cases where you can use an alternate oil viscosity depending on the weather, but that's another discussion for a different day. All in all, focus on the oil viscosity/grade and not the brand. The good thing with Upick is that we provide multiple options, for our customers. We recently changed over to using STP and Mobil1. However, we have a "Bring your own oil" program that allows you to buy your oil and we will install it for you. Until next time, stay safe and happy summer!

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